Coming Out with Care

Hello! Whether you have had someone in your family recently come out to you as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer (LGBTQ), or if you are just looking to learn more about supporting the LGBTQ people in your life, you have come to the right place!

My Kid Is Gay is an organization dedicated to answering questions that many parents & caregivers have when their child or family member comes out to them. Our e-care package, “Coming Out With Care,” collects some of our best advice & essays alongside some new and exciting resources to help you on your journey!

Coming Out With Care includes a welcome video by My Kid Is Gay co-founder Kristin Russo, advice on common queries such as “Should I tell other people?” “Is this a phase?” and “How do I reconcile my child’s identity with my religion?”, a list of curated LGBTQ support organizations, a guided journaling and coloring page designed by artist Cameron Glavin, an exclusive excerpt from This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids(Chronicle, 2014), and a music playlist created by Brittani Nichols!

Often when we talk about coming out, the focus is primarily on the LGBTQ individuals themselves — at My Kid Is Gay, we know that the coming-out process is one that parents and family members also share! Coming Out With Care is a first step into learning more about LGBTQ identities, gathering initial resources, and having the tools to explore your feelings along the way. We hope you enjoy, and you can always find more over at!

The e-care package will be available free of charge, on an ongoing basis, by using the sign-up form found at: