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An e-Care Package for Parents & Loved Ones of Trans Youth

Design by Ashanti Fortson

Design by Ashanti Fortson

We at My Kid Is Gay understand that parents of trans & non-binary kids go through their own process after their child has come out to them! "Breathe, Learn, Act: An e-Care Package for Parents & Loved Ones of Trans Youth" will provide much needed support, straight to the inboxes of parents and loved ones, to help guide them through the process ahead.

The care package includes advice on common queries such as “How do I support my child, while also keeping them safe?” “What do I tell other people?” and “How do I reconcile my child’s identity with my religion?” as well as a list of curated trans and non-binary support organizations, two worksheets and a guided journaling page designed to help parents and loved ones communicate with their kids and prepare for conversations with others created by Jordan Mix, a coloring page designed by artist Ashanti Fortson, and a music playlist created by Laura Jane Grace!

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