Keeping Current

Campaign for Southern Equality

A non-profit organization based in Asheville, North Carolina that advocates for LGBTQ equality in the South.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

A leading organization that works with news media, entertainment media, social media, and cultural institutions to shape the public’s view of LGBTQ people.

Human Rights Campaign

One of the largest LGBTQ advocacy organizations in the United States. The Resources and Issues sections on the website are very useful for understanding the current status of all LGBTQ rights and for finding additional information.

HuffPost Queer Voices

A website that publishes articles from a variety of viewpoints about LGBTQ issues.

LGBTQ History & Geography


After Stonewall, directed by John Scagliotti. New York: First Run Features, 1999. Documentary that looks at the LGBTQ rights movement between the 1969 Stonewall Riots and the turn of the twenty-first century.

Before Stonewall, directed by John Scagliotti. New York: First Run Features, 1986. Documentary that looks at the LGBTQ rights movement before the Stonewall Riots.

Call Me Kuchu, directed by Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright, 2012. Documentary that explores the struggles of the LGBTQ community in Uganda.

Out of the Past: The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Rights in America, directed and produced by Jeff Dupre, written by Michelle Ferrari. Arlington, VA: PBS, 1998. Documentary that examines LGBTQ political and social movements in America over the last 400 years.

U.S. Books

Making Gay History: The Half Century Fight for Lesbian and Gay Equal Rights, by Eric Marcus. New York: Harper Perennial, 2002. Incorporating accounts from a large variety of voices—from everyday people to Ellen DeGeneres—this book documents the gay civil rights movement over the past fifty years.

Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America (Intersections: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Genders and Sexualities), Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America, by Mary L. Gray. New York: NYU Press, 2009. A look at queer life in rural areas, using the author’s personal narratives and expository writing.

Queer America: A People's GLBT History of the United States (New Press People's History), by Vicki L. Eaklor. New York: New Press, 2011. An examination of twentieth century LGBTQ issues and rights, through the lens of LGBTQ people.

Global Perspectives

Love's Rite: Same-Sex Marriage in India and the West, by Ruth Vanita. Basingstoke, U.K.: Pal- grave Macmillan, 2005. Examines the presence of gay marriage in the Hindu foundations of Indian culture and the subtle evolution of opinion regarding homosexuality in India, within the context of the global debate on same-sex marriage.

Tommy Boys, Lesbian Men, and Ancestral Wives: Female Same-Sex Practices in Africa, by Ruth Morgan and Saskia Wieringa. Johannesburg, South Africa: Jacana Media, 2006 Focuses on the prevalence of homo- sexual African women, despite the taboo on homosexuality in most African cultures.

Unspeakable Love: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Middle East, by Brian Whitaker. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.

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