Gay Christian Network 919-786-0000

Provides a variety of resources, from books to documentaries to a musical, about homosexuality and Christianity. The site also offers online discussion forums and other methods of support.

Christian Gays

Articles, chat rooms, and resources on being gay and Christian.


Working with Christian parents of LGBTQ kids to help them learn to unconditionally love, accept, and affirm their gay child without sacrificing their faith.

LGBT Faith

Writing on the intersection of sexual orientation and faith. Additional resources are also available.


Information and resources for gay and lesbian Orthodox Jews.


Organization devoted to changing the hearts and minds of religious leaders who engage in anti-gay campaigns. Published an excellent booklet by Rev. Dr. Mel White called "What the Bible Says, and Doesn't Say, About Homosexuality."

The Safra Project

A resource project working on issues related to lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally.

LDS Family Fellowship

An online support group dedicated to creating community and acceptance for LDS LGBTQ people and their families.


Homosexuality in Islam: Critical Reflection on Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Muslims, by Scott Siraj al-Haqq Kugle. Oxford, U.K.: Oneworld Publications, 2010. Examines the Koran’s writings about homosexuality, with an end goal of reconciling homosexuality and Islam.

UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question, by John Shore. Seattle: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Forum, 2013. A combination of personal essays by LGBT-identified Christians and essays by Shore about the importance of reconciling homosexuality and Christianity.

What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality, by Daniel Helminiak. Estancia, NM: Alamo Square Press, 2000. Biblical scholars analyze the Bible, especially the passages often used to condemn homosexuality, to demonstrate that homosexuality and Christianity are not as at odds as many believe.


For The Bible Tells Me So, by Daniel Karslake. New York: First Run Features, 2007. Documentary that follows five families of faith as their child comes out and the family must learn to reconcile homosexuality and Christianity. A study guide can be found online.

A Jihad for Love, written and directed by Parvez Sharma. New York: First Run Features, 2008. Documentary that examines Islam and homosexuality, interviewing people from around the world.

Through My Eyes, directed by Justin Lee. Raleigh, NC: Gay Christian Network, 2009. Documentary that features young Christians who talk about their struggles in accepting their homo- sexuality and reconciling with their faith.

Trembling Before G-D, by Sandi Simcha Dubowski. New York: New Yorker Films, 2001. Documentary that follows lesbian and gay Orthodox Jews who struggle with accepting both their sexuality and their faith.

LGBTQ Places of Worship

GLBT Near Me

This is a generic LGBTQ-friendly search engine for all types of businesses with a specific filter for places of worship.

Institute for Welcoming Resources 612-821-4397

Includes both a search engine for LGBTQ-friendly places of worship and online resources for issues about faith and LGBTQ issues.

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