Thanksgiving Support from My Kid Is Gay!


Thanksgiving Support from My Kid is Gay!

Oh wow, suddenly Thanksgiving is upon us again! We know that, while some people are looking forward to a restful day with loved ones, others may be wrestling with complicated feelings around the holiday, extended family, and your kid themselves. As such, we decided to compile all of our Thanksgiving-related advice, with hopes that they help answer some questions you might be having. Things like:

For some LGBTQ people who haven’t yet come out, Thanksgiving offers a great time to get all of your friends and family in the room to do so! In fact, many people in the LGBTQ community refer to Thanksgiving as “the other National Coming Out Day”! If this is you and your child came out at Thanksgiving dinner, DON’T PANIC! Here’s what you should do now:

1. First, sign up for Coming Out with Care, our free e-care package made for people just like you! When you sign up, you’ll get an email straight to your inbox with advice to read, a guided journaling page to help you sort out your feelings, and a motivational music playlist to keep you company through it all!

2. Pick up a copy of This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, available wherever you buy your books! The Q&A format makes it easy to get answers to all of the most pressing questions you have right now—questions about religion, whether or not this is a phase, what to do about sleepovers, and more.

3. Click through the rest of My Kid Is Gay, using the “Topics” drop-down menu to explore what is most relevant to you right now, such as questions around gender, religion, or school and work.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! <3